WriteWord Editing & Writing Services

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I am excited to share my business, WriteWord Editing & Writing Services, with you. As you may know, I have been “Writing” and “Editing” for a long time. I first started freelance writing back in 2001 and have been teaching AP Language & Composition for seven years. I am currently writing my dissertation and should complete my doctorate in rhetoric & composition in December.

 I decided that I wanted to combine my writing, editing and teaching skills with my previous corporate experience, so I started WriteWord. If you visit my website at www.writewordediting.com, you will see my full range of business and academic-based services.

 If you struggle with business writing and need someone to write and/or edit your work, I would love to help you. I write, edit and proofread both online and print copy for businesses and individuals. I will turn your vision into words that sell with audience-driven copy, marketing materials, presentations, speeches, SEO copy, website, blog and social media content, feature articles, market research reports and other internal and external communications projects. I am currently a writer for several firms including Vitamin-T, PRbrigade, and Demand Media Studios.

 If you are a college student and need help with editing or research, my services are easy, affordable, and convenient. On my website you will see that the pricing starts at a per-page/turnaround basis (what this means is that if you have an emergency last-minute paper that needs editing, I can help you!). Please note: I do not write papers for students; I edit and proofread only.

 If you are searching for a new job and need help with your cover letter and resume, I can customize each item to target specific job openings.

 Friends, if you know anyone who fits in any of the categories above, please pass on my name and contact information. I want to use my experience to help others succeed, and you can help by posting my website or email (ebjamison@writewordediting.com) on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. Also, word-of-mouth works great! :-)

Thank you so much,


Elizabeth Jamison

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